Derrick & Sheila

Family Picture (Large)

Hello, my name is Derrick Bell, and my wife’s name is Sheila. Together, we own and operate Butler Buddys Cleaners.

I moved to Dothan in 2005 to begin workingas an engineer at Farley. Soon after, Sheila and I married and she moved with me to Dothan. Sheila began working as a pharmaceutical sales representative in 2007. She lost her job due to large scale downsizing of her company in late 2009… just one month before our 1st baby girl was born.

Soon after, we began seeking opportunities and decided that the Wiregrass could use a convenient and personalized dry cleaning service. So we created Butler Buddys Cleaners and began operating the dry cleaning service in 2011.

A couple years later, we began looking for additional opportunities and decided again that the Wiregrass could use a professional and trustworthy house cleaning service. So we began operating the house cleaning service in 2013.

Sheila and I always treat our clients the way that we desire to be treated when using services. We place a high emphasis on exceptional customer service. We ask our clients to be open, honest, and personable with us so that we can know how to serve them better.

We are also very selective about our team members. We perform background checks and provide sufficient training so that they can be trusted to maintain high quality service.  We search for team members that are a good fit for our company and who are able to align with the vision for our company. In that way, we are able to decrease the team member turnover rate so that our clients can become comfortable and trusting by seeing the same team members.

If you are interested in becoming a Butler Buddy’s client, signup or give us a call so that we can discuss how we can meet your needs.