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The 7 Remedies for an Empty Pocket – #7

7th Remedy: Increase Your Ability to Earn


Today, we will talk not of fattening your pockets; but of the person who wears the pockets. We will talk about those things within your mind and your life that either work for or against your success.

Preceding accomplishment must be desire. Your desires must be strong and definite. General desires are weak. For you to wish to be rich is of little purpose. For you to desire $500,000 is a tangible desire which you can press to fulfillment.

You should desire to be the best at what you do. Set strong and definite goals to attain this level. As you train and perfect yourself in your calling, you increase your ability to earn. Also, the more wisdom and knowledge you know, the more you may earn. When you seek to learn more of your craft, you will be richly rewarded.

In whatever you do – whether it be teaching, accounting, entrepreneurship, etc. – take more interest in your work, more concentration upon your tasks, more persistence in your effort; and you will find soon enough that you are experiencing great success and that your earning potential has increased drastically.

Lastly, many things will come your way to make your life rich with rewarding experiences. You must do the following things if you respect yourself:

  • You must pay your debts with all the promptness within your power
  • You must live within your means
  • You must take care of your family so that they will think and speak well of you
  • You must make a will so that your possessions will be distributed according to your wishes when God calls you
  • You must have compassion upon those who are injured and struck by misfortune and assist them within reason
  • You must do deeds of thoughtfulness to those dear to you

So the 7th and last remedy for an empty pocket is to cultivate your own powers, study and become wiser, become more skillful, and respect yourself.

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