Importance of Self-Approval

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Once you begin to know and understand yourself more completely, then you must accept and love yourself. Self-approval is crucial to changing your life and pursuing your dreams and goals.

So what happens when you do not allow yourself the power of self-approval?  Well, you do not approve of or trust your choices, you doubt your ability to perform, you give others the power to control you with their opinion, you do not respect yourself, your relationships may repeat unhealthy patterns, and you fear failing or worse yet being a failure.  When you have fallen from the grace of self-approval, it can be summed up in one word: doubt, doubt, and more doubt.  No self-approval means no inner-peace.  It is simply that powerful.

With the power of self-approval comes the right to self-determination, self-expression, self-respect and ultimately self-love.  True self-approval is liberation.  No more waiting for others to give you the stamp of approval.  No more having to prove yourself.

Understand yourself and your motives and the influences in your life and open yourself up. Direct your energy away from self-destruction or self-loathing. Forgive yourself. Forgive those who have hurt you. Give yourself self-approval and permission to move on.

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— Reference “Live Your Dreams” by Les Brown

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