Importance of Self-Knowledge


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A sense of self-knowledge grows out of contemplation and reflection, of questioning yourself and welcoming feedback from others. By knowing yourself, by consciously striving to understand how your personality was formed, you can free yourself to grow beyond your past experiences. You can live for the grand possibilities of the future, rather than be tied to the restrictive influences of the past.

I once heard it said that everyone is born unique but most of us die copies. Learn who you are and work on bringing your true self out. Reflect on who you are and how you relate to the world. Look carefully at your past and you will come to a fuller understanding of who you presently are. You can do this by honestly examining the events, people and circumstances that have shaped you.

As you gain self-knowledge you will see yourself differently and others will too. You will realize that you have abilities and talents and tools that you have not even begun to reach for. You will also realize your limitations. Understand that most of your limitations are self-imposed because of your history and that your field of vision is too often limited by your experience instead of being guided by your imagination.

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— Reference “Live Your Dreams” by Les Brown

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