Steps for Self-Approval

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Right now, write down all your bad habits and faults and all the mistakes you have made in your life. Did you hurt someone? Did you malign someone? Did you waste an opportunity?

Have you written down everything that has nagged and eaten at you over the years? Good. Now take that piece of paper, tear it to shreds and throw it away. Forgive yourself for your faults and your mistakes and move on. The way to your dreams is now clear.

Each of us has a basic goodness that is the foundation for what we can ultimately achieve. Look for that goodness within yourself. Grab another sheet of paper and try these steps to boost your self-approval.

1. Consider your gifts. Write them down.

You may be a good communicator; You may have good health; You may be loved by your family and friends; etc.


2. Write down at least five things that you like about yourself.

You may be mindful of your appearance; You may be punctual; You may be honest; You may be loving; You may be concerned about others; etc.


3. Call to mind and write down the people who make you feel special.

What do these people inspire in you?


4. Recall and write down moments of triumph when you did well at work or in school.

Capture that feeling of self-satisfaction again.


Whenever you are finding it tough to approve of yourself, contemplate on some of your responses to the four questions above.

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— Reference “Live Your Dreams” by Les Brown

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