Steps for Self-Knowledge


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To assist your growth in self-knowledge, try these steps. Write down the results and review them at least once a year so that you can begin to measure your progress at different points in your life.


1.       Get to know what other people like about you.

Ask someone close to you to tell you honestly how he or she views you. Have that person rate you and your specific traits on a scale of one to five. Do people describe you as your own worst enemy? If they do, you need to work on your self-knowledge to understand why.


 2.       Determine what you expect to achieve in life.

This is what you expect, not what you hope or dream for.


 3.       Consider your life for a moment.

What drives you? What inhibits you?


 4.       Evaluate how you handle compliments.

This is a good barometer of how you feel about yourself because if you accept them naturally without seeking them out you have strong self-approval and a sense of worthiness. Can you accept compliments without discomfort, or do you always have to take exception or deflect them? Do you crave compliments to the point that you will do anything to get them?

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— Reference “Live Your Dreams” by Les Brown

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