The 7 Remedies for an Empty Pocket – #3

3rd Remedy: Make Your Money Multiply

The money that you earn from your income is only the beginning. The “money that your money makes” is what builds your wealth. You must consider various means to put your money to work for you.

Your wealth is not determined by how fat your pockets are, but in the golden stream of income that you build. You should desire to build golden streams of income that continue to flow into your pockets whether you are working or traveling.

The best way to create true wealth is to invest in business opportunities that have a multiplying effect and that do not require your presence. A doctor can only help so many people in a day and in a year. A lawyer can only try so many cases.

What does it mean for a business opportunity to have a multiplying effect? This means that the business opportunity involves a service or product that will be used over and over again. It involves something that people never stop needing.

Your money will increase rapidly when it is invested wisely.

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